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2024 Reporting Period Open


Find compliance resources, requirements, and upcoming benchmarking trainings below.

Benchmarking Overview

Who's Required to Participate?

Covered building owners of multi-family and commercial buildings with 20,000 square feet or greater of floor space and 5 or more units are required to comply annually with BE305.

What is the Timeframe?

Buildings will be phased into the reporting requirement each year by square footage, with buildings of 100,000 sqft or greater beginning in 2023. Refer to the table on the right for more information on reporting start dates for your buildings.

What will the Report Include?

The benchmarking report will include: 

  • Basic building and property use details.

  • A full 12 months of whole-building energy and water usage for the previous year. 

Timeframe and Deadlines

Compliance Timeline Image
Benchmarking & Timeframe

How Do I Comply?

There are 2 pathways for compliance with BE305. You will pursue one pathway per year and choose your pathway based on building conditions in the previous year. 


A Benchmarking Report

Follow the instructions below to prepare your report. Then, use the "Report Data" link to submit 12 full months of whole-building energy and water data to the City through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®.


Upon receipt of submission, your report will be reviewed for compliance. 


An Exemption Request

Check to see if your building is eligible for a one-year exemption from submitting a benchmarking report. If eligible, please submit an exemption request with the required supporting documentation for consideration.


Upon receipt of submission, your request will be reviewed for approval.

Benchmarking How-To Videos

Benchmarking How-To Videos